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LITM Media

"Leave it to Michelle"

How We Work:

Welcome to LITM Media

During our initial consultations, we will discuss what types of radio shows, podcasts, webinars, and conferences you would be a good fit for! This will also give us an idea of where to book you.

Media Placement

Grow your Following

Now that you're on the air, you can use these opportunities to market yourself! Increase your audience, promote your services, and market your books.

Once we book you, you will guest star on radio shows and podcasts and talk about the things you are most passionate about!

Broadcast Yourself

What we do:

At LITM Media, we work with our clients to get them guest starring on podcasts and radio shows. Alternatively, we work with the podcasts and radio shows we represent to get them guests. We also promote events and products associated with our clients and run marketing campaigns for them so they can reach a larger audience.

How we are Different (and better) than Most Publisher Companies:

Most publishers will promote a new book for a couple of weeks to a month and then abruptly stop once a newer client or book comes out to promote. I understand that when authors write their books, it's an extension of themselves, because they are sharing an intimate connection with the reader. I strongly believe this needs to be respected and deserves to be shared; not thrown aside for whatever's new.

In addition to media placement, we work with our clients by creating a marketing campaign for them so they can increase their influence on social media.

Let us produce your Podcast!

Not a techie? Not a problem! We produce and manage podcasts for our clients, too! All you need to do is show up and shine, and we will take care of the editing, publishing onto all the major podcast platforms, managing the analytics, and keep up with the social media posting to grow your audience. There's really no excuse anymore, it's finally time to create that podcast everyone has been suggesting you make.

"I've always lived by the attitude: "Go big or go home". It's how I landed a job with Art Bell. It's how I've landed so many big-name guests on the shows I produce for. It's how I've landed my clients on shows they've only dreamed of being on! I haven't "gone home" in a very long time and I don't plan on changing that.

We just need two things: your wish list and your budget!

Once I have that, I'll work on a game plan to make that happen. Nothing is too wild or outlandish for me!"

-Michelle (our founder)

Pardon our dust!

Our previous awesome website exploded so now we are currently working on making a new one from the ground up. Please bear with us!

Until then, you might see placeholder text and images sprinkled about. But don't worry, the website fairies (aka me) are hard at work ironing everything out!


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