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Book trailers are a great way to give potential readers a glimpse into the premise of your book and can entice them to want to read it.

Book trailers are like back-of-the book summaries, but with the added bonus of visuals to accompany the words to really help conceptualize the premise. They are easily sharable on social media, and they are short and sweet; meaning that it will hook viewers to watch it.


Take a look at a few of the book trailers we've made:

Why Book Trailers?

LITM Media has launched a new service!


We now offer book trailers!

Book trailers are popular among authors trying to spread their message across social media. You've probably seen or heard them for popular best-selling books. Our Book Trailers are affordable and high quality, so you can join in on this increasingly popular trend!

Take a look at our previous works!

Our trailers are surprisingly affordable! LITM Media has always strived to work within the author's budget and our trailers are no different. During our free consultation, our trailer team will meet with you to discuss what your vision is and how much you are willing to spend on it, and we will come up with a high-quality book trailer for you!

Pricing Options

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The Red Sulphur Saga

The Magic of Secret to Everything

Understanding is the New Healing

The Clairvoyant Trilogy

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