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Hello everybody!

This month is May. Hip Hip Hooray! The weather's warming up and the flowers are starting to bloom. The month of May is also reminiscent of the word "may". "May" is a word that expresses possibilities. What does life hold for you? That's why our theme of the month is... Dreams!

Dreams are a cross between the conscious and unconscious. The tangible and the intangible. What is and what is possible. Our Client of the month is the founder of the Jung Platform, Machiel Klerk. Carl Jung, the grandfather of Psychology believed in the importance of dreams, and that's why Machiel Klerk is the perfect candidate to be spotlighted this May.

Machiel Klerk is a South African born social entrepreneur, licensed mental health therapist, international speaker, dream worker, and published author. Machiel earned his Master’s degree in counseling psychology at Pacifica Graduate Institute. He has been a mental health therapist since 2006, and currently has an online private practice. Machiel is fascinated by the importance of dreams and has traveled around the world to learn the dream practices and healing traditions of other cultures. Klerk is the founder of the Jung Society of Utah and the Jung Platform, which offers online courses, lectures, and certificate programs all inspired by Jungian psychology.

ABOUT LITM's cLIent of The Month:

Each month we will select one of our fascinating clients to spotlight their achievements and accomplishments, along with setting an overall theme for the month. We will be posting something for everyone including inspirational messages, tips and tricks for authors, speakers, and podcasters, the latest in the news of the world of high strangeness, and other things in line with each month’s theme. We hope you will participate and contribute as well. LITM Media’s Client of the Month is an opportunity for us to highlight our clients so you can learn more about the vast range of topics we represent. We encourage you to step outside your comfort zone and learn more about these interesting topics that may be eye-opening or brand new to you.

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