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LITM Media

"Leave it to Michelle"

About LITM Media

LITM Media is a publicist company that specializes in providing marketing solutions for their clients. Primarily, LITM Media connects its clients with radio shows, podcasts, conferences, and other events. Though a newcomer in the industry, LITM is quickly building a name for itself among the late-night radio genre. Each day Michelle works her magic to fulfill every item on each of her client's wish lists, AND for an affordable price to boot!

"Leave It To Michelle"

Michelle worked as a producer for Art Bell's radio show, Midnight in the Desert, from 2015 until the show was sold in 2020. From there, she co-founded the radio network Midnight.FM with Tim Wiesberg. Michelle produces for its flagship show, The Midnight Society with host Tim Wiesberg, where she continues to provide high-quality guests and unique ideas and lines up fantastic shows. Michelle is always adding fresh and unique ideas and topics to the show, beyond the average paranormal or anomalous subject matters.

Michelle used her talents to build a large network of radio shows, podcasts, authors, and celebrities that cover a vast array of ideas and genres.

After speaking with thousands of guests, one thing Michelle learned was that over and over again, they were disappointed that their publishers weren't able to do enough to promote their books, because after it was published, they had to move on to other projects.

Michelle understood that a book is an expression of its author needs to be shared with the world; not set aside for whatever's new. So, in order to help those people, she founded LITM Media. Leave it to Michelle to get you onto radio shows, podcasts, conferences, and other events so that you can continue to spread the word about whatever you're passionate about.

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