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Zenka Caro

Future Technology, ET's, Consciousness, NFT's, AR

Zenka Caro has worked in frontier technology for over 20 years running software development companies. She is a systems architect, NFT expert, and product developer for collaborative self-organizing systems in web, blockchain, and XR.

Caro was an early pioneer of augmented reality using some of the first technology available back in 2012 in large scale murals and ceramic installations in Buenos Aires, Los Angeles, Portland and cities around the world. Her art has been exhibited at Sotheby's in NYC and is held in public and private collections around the globe, including in the permanent JFK Airport Delta collection and the Tech Interactive InnovationMuseum in San Jose.

She received her Bachelor’s of Science from Northwestern University and worked extensively in film before managing the interactive streaming department at Akamai Technologies. She spent 10 years in Argentina, where she founded the software development company, TripleSmart.  Upon returning to Los Angeles, she built interactive, augmented reality experiences. She is currently founder of The Wisdom Age Metaverse, a non-profit that is building the Light Net, which is a quantum physics playground to research consciousness, miracles and holistic problem solving.. While not working as a systems architect she likes to do experiments such as mind-over-matter spoon bending parties, ET contact mapping software, and radio research using electromagnetics which expand our understanding and worldview.

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