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Vicki Joy Anderson

Sleep Paralysis, Faith

Vicki Joy Anderson is a writer and researcher who focuses on Spiritual Warfare and fringe topics. She earned her Bachelor’s in English with a Writing Emphasis from the University of Northwestern in St. Paul, MN, with an additional major in Bible. Vicki’s heavily influenced by Christianity and its message of shining a light in the darkness. Her Faith-based perspective gives her unique insight into topics that the average American church would normally denounce.


They Only Come Out At Night: Exposing the Dark Weapon of Sleep Paralysis

Beautifully Broken: A Short Collection of Poems

Scavenger Hunt

Transforming Prayer: A 31-Day Prayer Walk for Prodigals & Lost Loved Ones

TRANSforming Prayer: A 31-Day Prayer Walk for Your LGBTQ Loved One

The Emperor's New Gender: Expanded Edition

The Weary Wayfarer: A Pilgrim's Progress Retold in Rhyme

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