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Todd Wilcox

Paranormal, NDE Slipstreams

Take a journey into the Quantum Field with the Slipstream Shaman and learn to use your natural abilities in Quantum Healing.

For over 40 years Todd Wilcox was searching for his purpose in life  and he finally finally found it. Simply put, he concluded that his  purpose is “to help”. To that end he has delved into the world of  alternative medicine and quantum healing, which has earned him the  nickname, “The Slipstream Shaman”. Todd is in the midst of writing a  series of books to help guide people through quantum healing.

Todd Wilcox also has a fascination with the paranormal and the  unexplained. He also hosted a podcast called “My Side of the Universe”,  where he spoke with guests who each had encountered something  supernatural or unexplainable.


Slipstream Shaman: Using Quantum Healing for Individuals, Communities, the Planet, and Beyond

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