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Rosemary Ringer

NDE, Spiritual Healing

For 20 years, Rosemary Ringer enjoyed a  national reputation as an expert on old houses. The author of five books  on the subject, she is considered the country’s #1 authority on kit  homes. Rose has been featured on everything from PBS’ History Detectives to NPR's All Things Considered.

In 2016, her husband committed suicide and  Rose spiraled into a deep pit of depression. Then, two years later, she  was diagnosed with stage two cervical cancer. During a routine medical  procedure, Rosemary bled to death and had no heartbeat for 10 full  minutes.

During those 10 minutes, Rosemary's  consciousness transported to heaven, and she experienced a profound  gratitude for the life she had lived. Then she communed with the angelic  beings, and they told her that if she agreed to return to earth, she’d  be restored to health physically and emotionally. Subsequent medical  tests affirmed that not only had the cancer disappeared, but she was  also healed of the crippling grief.


Penniman: Virginia's Own Ghost City

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