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Nicole Majik

NLP, CBT, Alchemy, NDE, Consciousness

Nicole Majik is an accomplished empowerment strategist, and educator who has created a highly effective, life-transforming empowerment program called The Alchemy of Transformation®.

Nicole earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Biology/Chemistry and a Master’s in Metaphysics, and went on to work as a Financial Advisor. She helps her clients realize their true potential by erasing their limiting beliefs and living more true to themselves. Using the strategic formulas of her empowerment program combined with CBT and NLP techniques, Nicole helps her clients permanently erase self-sabotaging beliefs and transform their obstacles into opportunities to achieve success.

Majik is equally left-brain and right-brain, which is said to be a quality of only 1% of the population. When she processes ideas and thoughts, it is equally logical and emotional, which gives her the unique ability to look at problems from all sides.

Nicole has appeared on various radio shows, TV shows, and as a keynote speaker for international conferences. Most recently, she appeared in a documentary scheduled to release in October 2023.

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