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Mark Fiorentino

Metaphysics, Fringe Science, Future Technology

Mark Fiorentino is a self-taught  Metaphysician and computer programmer who worked in the field of  high-tech industry. He worked as an electronic technician at Harris  Government Systems, working on satellite missile guidance systems and  then at IBM as a computer programmer fro over 15 years.

Since the early age of 10, Mark was  fascinated by the works of Albert Einstein; particularly, his quest to  construct a Unified Field Theory. 55 years later, Mark's scientific  research has completed the Theory, but he found that it has also opened  up the door for a few others as well. Alien conspiracy theories, Near  death experiences, and a Theory of Super Relativity has earned Mark the  title "Master of Reality".

Master of Reality: Super Relativity - The Unified Field Theory

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