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Lesley Mitchell-Clarke

NLP, Hypnosis, UFO Abductees

Whether it’s a spotlight or a UFO tractor beam giving you anxiety, Lesley Mitchell Clarke has the treatment for you!

Lesley Mitchell Clarke is a Toronto-based  NGH-certified Clinical Hypnotherapist who specializes in treating people  who have had encounters with extraterrestrial beings. Among the many  modalities she is certified in, Clarke practices Past-life regressions,  energy release, and NLP. Clarke’s other specialties are related to the  entertainment industry, helping clients overcome stage fright, creative  blocks, and deal with the high stakes competition of the industry.

Lesley grew up in a family of actors and  jazz musicians and has dabbled in those fields, herself. Clarke has  appeared in Television and has toured with a jazz band. She has been an  entertainment journalist, and even owned a recording studio where famous  music was recorded. Recently, Lesley has hosted the UFO-themed  web-series, “Contact TV”, with co-host Wes Roberts. For over 10 years,  they have been interviewing abductees and experiencers.


Intersections: A True Story of Extraterrestrial Contact

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