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Jacob Cooper

NDE, Reiki, the Afterlife

Is there life after death? And can we communicate with our past selves? Jacob Cooper, LCSW, is a psychotherapist that works with clients to experience their past-life memories. Jacob’s own near-death experience helps him provide guidance by assisting in the development of self-awareness and finding meaning in their experiences. Jacob also conducts seminars on healing for those grieving, those who seek to understand continuity of consciousness beyond the physical body, and those with anxiety associated with the fear of death.

Jacob is the host of “The Wisdom of Jacob’s Ladder” a profound channel available on YouTube and cross platforms. He provides his own insights from his expertise in working in the mental health field and his profound transformative experiences in his life. He also hosts experts and luminaries on his channel that will help to elevate viewers to higher rungs on their ladder.


Life After Breath

The Wisdom of Jacob’s Ladder

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