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Dr. Simeon Hein

Interdimentional Beings, Remote Viewing, Metaphysics

Believe the Impossible…Expect the Incredible!

Dr. Simeon Hein earned his PhD. in Sociology and was a university  professor in Statistics and Research Methods. He also was an instructor  at the Farsight Institute in Atlanta. In 1996 he came across the idea of  resonate viewing and took a training class as a skeptic. Surprisingly,  he was instead convinced to study further into the paranormal and  unexplained, believing that there is a large area of scientific  knowledge that is being withheld from public discussion. That year, he  founded the Mount Baldy Institute in Boulder, Colorodo, where he teaches  remote viewing, conducts research, and writes about paranormal topics  including Bigfoot, crop circles, and Extraterrestrials.


Dark Matter Monsters
Black Swan Ghosts
Opening Minds
Planetary Intelligents

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