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Dr. Scott Taylor

Shared NDE

A known researcher and speaker in the field of Near Death Experience  (NDE) studies, Dr. Scott Taylor wrote his doctoral dissertation on  Near-Death Experiences.

Dr. Taylor served as The Monroe Institute’s former president and  executive director. He has twice served on the board of the  International Association for Near-Death Studies and co-moderated their  annual conference over a dozen times.

Scott is an expert at using binaural beat technology (Hemi-Sync) to  enter into and hold expanded states of awareness. Scott is the author  and voice of six best-selling albums from Hemi-Sync called, The "Into  the Light" series. He is also the creator and facilitator of a 6 day  "NDE Intensive" which uses the pathways laid down by “NDE”-ers to  explore states of consciousness.

Ask him about his kilts!


"Into the Light" series

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