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Dan Baldwin and George Sewell

UFOs and Paranormal Investigations

Gear up for an electrifying conversation with Dan  Baldwin and George Sewell as they delve into the riveting world of  pendulum dowsing. Discover the secrets of using this ancient practice to  make contact with the dearly departed, including the spirits that  inhabit the mystical Southwest.

Join the  dynamic duo in "Paranormal Pendulum III - The Abduction of Lindsey  Higgins," where they unravel the mysteries surrounding the UFO  phenomenon, the spirit world, and venture beyond the realms of the  known. Get ready for a spine-tingling exploration that transcends the  ordinary, as Baldwin and Sewell weave a tale that will keep you on the  edge of your seat. This isn't just a discussion; it's an exhilarating  journey into the unknown.

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